Computer services

System maintenance and latest updates are essential to keep your machine running smooth. We check to make sure up are up to date.

and clean all the clutter off your system, and restore its speed.

 Uncompromised system servicing,

both onsite and or remote.

We keep your system running smoothly.

Design, build, install, commision, teach we do it all.

   Wired network design, wireless network 
  setup and range extending, weak signal ?
  no problem. Network speed tests performed
  before and after, to show new speed.
  Advice on improvements on existing systems

  We will find the best solution for your individual needs, as no two clients are alike, each system is tailor-made to meet your requirements.

We can advise on all IT needs small or large.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements or concerns, and we can suggest the best system for your needs.

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